Port of the Chipmunk library to Javascript. Chipmunk is a rigid body physics engine designed for use in 2D games.

Current status: Alpha version that supports different collision primitives and Constraints.

Demos and API docs (once I find a tool for docs that does not suck) on this page

Project page on Github


A static site-generator using Javascript and node.js. Houchin is my take on a small tool to generate sites from given content and templates. It’s using YAML as data container, Mustache.js as template engine and has built-in support for Markdown and Textile syntax.

It just seemed easier to write a small tool for site generation than to learn all these overkill-tools that already exist.Plus, I finally have some use case for using node.js (o:

Current status: Not sure if I will publish this, it’s really bad written currently..


Prezi-like Presentations without Flash, using SVG and Javascript

dizzy.js enables you to create non-linear presentations similiar to Prezi, without using Flash or some other proprietary technology.

Current status: presenting and navigation in presentation possible and a beta version of the online-editor for presentation-files is online. Still needs some bugfixing.

I'm currently experimenting with some HTML5 features for the editor, I will blog about any progress I make.

The project page can be found at or directly at github.


A little something I used as blog software.

Uses Apache mod_autoindex, .htaccess files and Javascript to load content from a folder into a webpage without using any serverside scripting language.

Metapress only does the loading part, the conversion and presentation of the content can be done in callback functions. For example, I use the excellent showdown.js to write my content in Markdown syntax and convert it to html on the client-side.. thinking about plugging in mustache.js too.

Current status: Loading files possible, also multi-folder support. Needs more documentation.

This was an experiment that kinda worked. It is possible to write blog software without any high-level programming language on the server, but it's not too easy to make it search engine accessible.

Dropped development.

Get the source at github.