Your slides make me dizzy

I just pushed a beta version of the new page for dizzy.js online.
It still lacks content, but it contains a feature I've been working on quite some time now: an editor (:
Until now, new presentations had to be done by hand or in Inkscape, but I hope this won't be neccessary anymore.

The editor is part of the new version 0.4.0, codename: "Forever alone" (yes, I do use internet memes as code names).

The core features are supported:

  • Create and delete text
  • Drag images from the file system on the canvas (I'm kinda proud this works so well), in FF and Chrome
  • Create and modify path through nodes
  • Presentation mode
  • Save SVG (somewhat buggy in Chrome)

Of course there are quite a few bugs and a lot of features I do want to have in the editor:

Missing features:

  • Loading a locally save SVG file to the editor
  • Adding images in Browsers that don't support dragging from the file system (through linking)
  • More tools for drawing stuff on the canvas, like lines, arrows, circles...
  • More options for stuff on the page. Includes font options for text, color chooser, etc..
  • Moar jQuery. (o:

Known bugs:

  • Saving a SVG that contains an image does not work in Chrome (this browser has so many problems with that Feature..)
  • Some other, that I forgot just now.

I'm going to push the changes to github soon, want to clean up a little first. (;
So, go ahead and try it. It would be awesome if you'd report bugs and quirks you find and give some feedback in general.

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