More dizziness for the masses!

A few people might have noticed that the Dizzy editor now (finally) has an user interface that one can use without wanting to puke (at least I hope so). In the old version much of the UI was made in the SVG file itself (like the Zebra), which wasn't exactly a good idea.

So I moved (almost) everything out of the SVG and into the surrounding page.

In my opinion this is a much cleaner approach, althought the Zebra might not look as nice now as it has before.

Since it's not an image anymore but basically just a few divs with some CSS magic, it looks quite different in most browsers. Check this out:

This is due to the way Browsers handle dotted/dashed borders in combination with border radius (see this issue), but an issue that does not affect the functionality and I hope it will be fixed soon.

Anyway, here's what's new in the editor so far:

New features:

  • Link to remote images
  • Load and save SVG presentation
  • Modify embedded stylesheet
  • change the z-index of groups (through the new zebra-toolbar)

Missing features:

  • More tools for drawing stuff on the canvas, like lines, arrows, circles...
  • More options for stuff on the page. Includes font options for text, color chooser, etc..
  • More jQuery. (o:

Known bugs:

  • Saving a SVG that contains an image does not work in Chrome (this browser has so many problems with that Feature..)
  • Changing the font-size through the stylesheet does not change the line height of multiline text
  • Firefox captures too many keys in default mode (should only capture letters and backspace)

Another really awesome thing is that it seems like Internet Explorer 9 finally has decent SVG support! I had a look at IE9 a few days ago and at least the demo on the Dizzy page worked.

Once I find the time to install a Windows VM on my machine I will test the editor and report back to you (;

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