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dizzy.js is a Javascript library that enables you to create nonlinear presentations similiar to Prezi without using Flash.
The presentation data is stored in the SVG-format, the navigation and animation is done via Javascript.

The editor for building these SVG-files is currently in beta stage, please report any error you find.


You can pull the current sourcecode at Github.
The sourcecode and all examples are licensed under the MIT license, so feel free to do whatever you like with it.


Will come, but probably not too soon (I know I'm too lazy). :P


  • Why not use Prezi?
  • Prezi ist a very nice software, no doubt. The only thing bothering me was that it uses Flash and is not open source.
    I was never a fan of Flash and we have most of the functionality already in the browsers today, with all the cool stuff coming from HTML5, SVG, Javascript, etc.. and since Prezi seems to have no interest in using these, I will. (:

  • Is my browser supported?
  • dizzy.js does not use anything that is not at least a working draft by an open standards organisation (e.g. W3C), so all browsers will support dizzy.js ..someday.

    I'm testing features against three browsers: Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.
    Internet Explorer is not supported because in the current stable release the SVG-Support is non-existent (as far as I know) or at least very bad. I just included that in the table because it looks funny. (o:
    Update: with the release of IE9, there is support for SVG, yay. I'm working on Linux, so I could not test all the feature in IE, but certainly will do that soon.

    Here ist the current status (supported, partial supported and not supported) and the version they got that status in:
    Feature Mozilla Firefox Internet Explorer Opera
    Presenting 1.0+ 3.0+ 9.0+ 9.0+
    Editor - text & paths 1.0+ 3.0+ 9.0+ 9.0+
    Editor - inline images 8.0+ 3.6+ 8.0 11.0
    Editor - link images
    (not implemented yet)
    1.0+ 3.0+ 8.0 9.0+
    Editor - save files 8.0+ 3.0+ 8.0 9.0+
    Editor - open files
    (not implemented yet)
    8.0+ 3.6+ 8.0 11.0

  • Where can I get news about new releases?
  • You can either watch the repository at Github, read my blog. or follow me on Twitter.


Feel free to leave any feedback (questions, bugs, feature requests) here.. but be nice, nobody likes spam (:

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